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LEBER Dietary Supplement Product (CAL Brand)

Dietary Supplement Product for good liver care, helps to detox liver for rinsing liver and body toxin, revive liver cells.

LEBER (CAL Brand) Dietary Supplement Product for good liver care

LEBER is a food supplement capsule which helps to detox liver for rinsing liver toxin, body toxin, revive liver cell, improve liver, crumble fat, protect fatty liver disease and prevent toxins.

Liver is similar to “the center of factory in body”
Liver receive material, produce, keep, check the quality, dispense and discard some waste in our body. Do you see how the liver is important?

Food Supplement, Leber Capsule by CAL for healthy liver
In 1 capsule the Main Ingredient contains Vitamin B6, B12, B9 (Folic Acid), grape seed powder the exclusive product from VITIS-VITAL Germany, artichoke extract, and Choline

Net WT 500mg (30 capsules)
FDA no. 10-1-13056-1-0135

Food Supplement, Leber Capsule for healthy liver
Increase energy:
Liver can work effectively (from groups of Vitamin B and folic acid)
Eject fat:
from liver, protect fatty liver disease which is the cause of liver cirrhosis (from choline)
Eject bile:
to eject toxin that melt in fat, revive and create liver cell, eject fat (from artichoke)
Protect liver cirrhosis:
from losing the necessary nutrients for liver (Choline, folic acid, and group of Vitamin B)
Prevent the damage of liver cell:
from oxidation and some toxins, OPC from grape seed, Cynarin, and Flavonoid Silymarin from Artichoke
Eliminate toxin:
and some waste that cannot melt in water or fat to eject out from kidney by the process of “Methylation”

The concept behind the scenes of detoxification food is to support liver or cleanse liver from meditation to the bane that attacks the body because liver helps to eliminate toxin (after assimilating, food will be absorbed and sent to the liver). So this is how the “LEBER” has been originated.

Leber (CAL) is recommended for people who drinks a lot and have lots of toxin in their body, or someone who have a liver disease such as liver inflammation, jaundice, etc.

 Consuming Dosage: 1 capsule per day

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