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Seasoning Sauce

Black Pepper Sauce

Once valued like gold and now rightly known as the king of spices, Black Pepper (Prik Thai) has a typical sharp pungent aroma and flavor.

Brings you this “black gold” in the form of a sauce enrapturing you with its refreshing burst of flavor. Made from selected black pepper and seasonings, pep up your stir fries with this spice of life.

Hoisin sauce

Hoisin sauce is a delectable blend of sweet & salty along with the characteristic Hoisin flavor. This aromatic, reddish-brown sauce used frequently in Chinese stir-fries and marinades is a delicious blend of wholesome soybeans and fragrant spices.

Oyster Sauce

The secret ingredient to China’s ‘haute cuisine’ – Cantonese cooking, lies in Oyster sauce… Preserving natural flavor of food is the hallmark of Cantonese cuisine by using simple ingredients and cooking techniques like steaming and braising fresh seafood, meat and vegetables.

Oyster sauce is an excellent cooking ingredient and condiment. The finest oysters and choicest seasonings enhances the taste and appearance of any dish.

Seafood Sauce

It’s amazing how a purely vegetarian sauce can make a seafood dish come alive!

Seafood Sauce has crushed Thai green chillies and garlic, with a fusion of sweet-sour-salt flavors. It’s a must-have dip with steamed and grilled seafood and even shrimp dim sums, momos or golden fried squid. It adds a fiery bite to stir-fried prawns and mussels.

Thai Sukiyaki

Thai Sukiyaki, a variant of the Japanese ‘hot pot’ is a unique way of life. Diners dip vegetables, meat, sea food, noodles and dumplings into a pot of broth cooking at the center of the table and then into a delicious “Sukiyaki Sauce” before eating. Its entertainment and a meal, all in one!! Treat your taste buds to the perfect blend of 4 essential Thai seasonings (sweet, sour, salty and spicy) with which infuses the nuttiness and delicate crunch of sesame seeds with fragrant garlic and spices in a delicious but mildly flavored sauce.

Experience unparalleled taste by dipping spring rolls, wontons, sumais, bhajiyas and sandwiches, lining subs, dressing salads, topping theplas or simply dousing crispy chicken wings in Ching’s Secret Sukiyaki Sauce to enhance your snacking affair. Don’t let convention hold you back!

Sweet Chilli Sauce

Made from the finest Thai chilli peppers (prik kee nu) delivers a delicious, gently spiced, sweet sauce. One of Thailand’s favorite foods, this balanced but tangy sauce does wonders for your taste buds, taking them to a whole new level. Traditionally served with spring rolls and dim sum, it is an equally delightful experience to dip bhajiyas, French fries, line subs, soak sandwiches, smother samosas, top theplas or simply douse crispy fried chicken wings in this mouth-watering medley of Thai flavors.

Unleash your imagination to experience unmatchable taste with Ching’s Secret Sweet Chilli Sauce, made from an authentic recipe. If you like Asian cusine, having this sauce in your kitchen is going to make your life much more pleasant. Try it once, get addicted!

Fish Sauce

A Thai meal without Fish Sauce, is like a meal without salt! Recognizable by its distinct strong aroma, Fish Sauce is the single-most important flavouring ingredient in Thai cuisine. Ching’s Secret Fish Sauce is made with saltwater Anchovies from Southeast Asia that go through an age-old process of salting and fermentation.

The end-result is a translucent sauce which is rich, reddish-gold in color with an unforgettable flavor.
Green Curry Paste

Beneath the Green Curry’s mild-looking surface simmers an intense heat! Recreate this famous dish with Green Curry Paste. Feel an explosion of sweet, sour, pungent and hot flavours take over your palate. Take a bite of rice or roti with it and feel it bite right back!

Red Curry Paste

Amongst the best curries in the world, Thai Red Curry gets its fiery colour and flavours from the red-hot prik kee noo chillies. Recreate this spicy curry with Red Curry Paste. Have it with rice and discover why the weather in Thailand is only hot or hotter!

Coconuts have been an integral part of the diet in tropical countries, providing the nourishment needed to sustain a healthy life. Coconut milk, derived from the coconut meat, is the main ingredient for their ingredients in cooking dishes. Coconut oil is used not only for cooking but also nourishing the skin and hair. The highly mineral contained coconut juice acts to detoxify the kidney. Coconut oil contains a large amount of the fatty acid found in mother's milk. The lauric acid makes breast milk easily digestible. It strengthens the immune system and protects against viral, bacterial and fungal infections.

Coconut products such as young fresh coconut juice, coconut oil, coconut milk of different fat concentrated from 5-7%, 12-14%, 17-19% and 19-22% fat.

Tamarind fruits

Tamarind fruits are different shapes and sizes. There are a lot of varieties. The type with reddish flesh is distinguished from the ordinary brown fleshed type and regarded as superior in quality. One in Thailand is known as "Manila Sweet"

The tamarind pulp or concentrate is made into a variety of products. It is an important ingredient in chutneys, curries and sauces, including some brands of Worchestershire and barbecue sauce. Tamarind juice or tamarindade has long been a popular drink in the Tropics and it now bottled as tamarind beverages. 

CAL produces tamarind slabs with or without seeds, tamarind concentrate, tamarind paste, tamarind candy and pack them for SWAD brand of Raja Foods, Chicago, USA, GOLDEN PACIFIC brand of Shivjis Enterprise, Vancouver, Canada, TOGO brand of Mandalia Trading, London, UK and FUDCO, London, UK.
Betel Nuts

Betel nut chewing is a tradition through generations. They are specially packed with mineral lime (Calcium Oxide) and spices like clove, cardamom, catechu wrapped up in betel leaves. There are different types of betel nuts. The common type used by South Indians and South East Asians are of round typr. The Taiwanese prefer olive shape type.
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