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CAL Intertrade Co., Ltd. The leader of Thai rice and agriculture exporter completely to overseas with our working team who have more experiences than 20 years
Rice Mill

Specialist & Gold Card Rice exporter No.35 experience, skill, proficiency both container and break bulk shipment with various of Thailand Rice Selected Quality with Double Sotex & Cleaned

Beans & Grain & Dall & Sago

Selected and packed grains and beans with quality to respond the demand of customers who consume grains more in present

Distribute & Packer of general foods
Both House and Private brand & label Specially selected & control of quality products with related manufacturers
Healthy Products

OEM:such cracker, health drink, tea, etc. produced from ingredients with quality under our standard.

Herbal Beverage & Nutri Drink

OEM Manufacturer & Packer Research and Development of functional Healthy Beverage and Nutri-Drink of Thai/Chinese Traditional Medicine, natural ingredients for high blood pressure, diabetes, weight controlled, etc.

Food Supplement Products

To provided OEM Manufacturing services for the Herbal & Dietary Supplement Products, full services of R&D, to be your Manufacturing Partner by our Professional Teams; Physician, Pharmacist & Food Specialist which managed by Dr.Chavalit Anavachakarn/ M.D.

CAL; Distributer, Representative and Importer materials

To import herbal ingredients & raw materials for supplement products from varieties sources.


Ready to serve Thailand rice is now available with boil rice-in-bag,
Serve Not only less time consuming to cook but also cleaness, safety, soft, white, fluffy and releases a sweet distinctive aroma.

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