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About Cal
          Cal Intertrade is the leading exporter of Thai rice and agricultural products to many countries. It has been established and incorporated for over two decades by Dr. Chavalit Anavachakarn, as the President and directed by Mrs. Linda Anavachakarn, as the Managing Director. CAL Intertrade is an overall combination of CAL Intertrade, CAL Rice Mills, CAL Industries and Marketing, and CAL Holistic Co., Ltd.
          One of the popular Thai long grain white rice with pleasant smell and flavor known as Thai Hom Mali (Jasmine) is milled by CAL Rice Mills and exported around the world. Aside from milling and exporting rice, we also manufacture healthy foods made out of coarse rice, soya and corn in form of crispy cracker, cereals and nourishment drinks blended with Thai and Chinese herbs. 
          The existing partners of CAL Intertrade are similar to one family and the new partners are welcomed for working together towards success - developing new products and services which will reflect partnership, quality and creativity.
The awards won and nominated by CAL Intertrade Co., Ltd.:
- Member of the selected list of Thai Exporters by the Department of Exporters from the Revenue Division, Ministry of Commerce (1997)
- 29th International Award for Commercial Prestige (1998)
- The Royal Customs Department awarded CAL Intertrade Co., Ltd. the highly honored Customs Gold Card Privileges No.035 (2000)
- 22nd International Award for Food and Beverage by the Trade Leaders' Club in Paris to distinguish the quality of products and services (2000)

          All customers and partners of CAL Intertrade are the number one priority, so we will come up with product innovations and services provided and renovated the older products into better quality.
- To provide the best reliable services and quality products to the world.
- To further strengthen and promote Thai products in the International Market.
Product Range
King of Rice and Beans
Jasmines rice (Hom Mali) is originated from selected fertile rice fields in the Northern and North Eastern of Thailand and harvested only once a year. Jasmine rice is well known for its distinctive fragrance, delicious flavor and tenderness. CAL Intertrade mills and exports a variety of rice with our brand name like Sampao, 5 Stars Elephant, and Lucky Elephant and along with buyers' option brands. Asian people have been consuming diet rich in beans for hundreds of years because beans have low cholesterol and fat.
Food is Medicine
Herbal Health Foods
Life is beautiful with CAL's herbal foods for a healthier life

          CAL Intertrade  own Rice Mill and Manufacturer specializes in supplement health food items made from  various natural ingredient unpolished rice & cereal and herbal to beneficially as traditional Medicine .
             All food supplements manufactured by CAL Intertrade are ready to eat foods under the super vision directed by Dr. Chavalit Anavachakarn, a medical doctor turned food specialist.

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