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With the science and arts theory of Chinese Medicine 

CAL ST alternative medicine of combination Thai & Chinese herbs will support weight loss, which was invented by Dr. Nee Ching Hua a specialists' Chinese herbal medicine from Hubei University China  Principles health treatment by natural without any side effects.

Along with eliminating toxins and fat in the body with Herbal CAL ST Tea,  digestive system, decreased appetite, not debilitate, support & improve circulation and to principle balance of the body. This meticulous process from raw natural Chinese herbs which was accepted of safety and beneficially  
With professional source & select & blend and research to confident to diet with CAL ST Tea
Nutri Drink : Collagen

Is Cal Healthy Drink produced with various kind of cereal such as GABA Rice, Soy and collagen,
GABA Rice has many nutrients such as GABA (gamma amino-butyric acid), fiber, phytic acid, vitamin
Nutrition and benefits

1. to reduce wrinkles skin
2. to extra smooth and firm,
3. extra stimulate new cells to give strengthen
4. structure and stiff joints of body and joints flexible.
1. Contain antioxidants, that inhibit facial blemishes and skin aging.
2. Oryzanol substance to help control and reduce menopausal symptoms
3. GABA, help prevent Alzheimer, relieve anxiety, reduce stress, lower blood pressure
4. Dietary fiber, glycemic control, prevent colon cancer and reduce constipation
5. Vitamins E and C reduce wrinkling of the skin

Collagen is protein supports interlocking fibers in subcutaneous, served extra smooth skin, make skin looks smooth. 
Prevent organ in the body and attach to other organ as well.
Proviced a strong and flexible body structure. 
joints to move smoothly back and forth motion
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