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KUNTA Capsule, Dietary Supplement Product

Dietary Food Supplement Capsule for good eyes care, increase the effectiveness of eyes, protect the lens and nerves with super-antioxidation from OPC of natural grape seed extract from VITIS-VITAL, Germany.

“KUNTA, Food Supplement Capsule for good eye care”

KUNTA, Food Supplement Capsule for good eyes care, increases the effectiveness of eyes, protects the lens and nerves with super antioxidation from OPC in grape seed merged with anthocyanoside and carotenoid recommended from AOA (American Optometric Association) to protect the eyes nerve degeneration and known to be the nutrient for eyes. It is good for people who want to have a good eyes sight and for people who need to use eyesight for a long time each day.

KUNTA, Food Supplement Capsule by CAL

In 1 Capsule contains: Lutein 10 mg, Zeaxanthin 2 mg, grape seed powder 100 mg, mulberry extract 180 mg, bilberry 100 mg

Net WT  470 mg. (30 capsules)
FDA no.  10-1-13056-1-0081

KUNTA, the supplement for your eyes

Lutein and Zeaxanthin
Carotenoid groups are found mostly in yellow flower such as marigold and in center of retina. It helps to absorb blue light from UV ray, protects eyes from damage from using smartphone/computer, reduces eyes nerve degeneration and eyes degeneration from the old age.

Grape Seed Powder (VITIS-VITAL, Germany)
OPC (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins) is a super-antioxidant with the most effectiveness, reduces the destruction of oxidation from internal and external factor such as pollution and chemicals that declines the cells.
We offer a comprehensive of natural grape seed powder exclusively sourced and manufactured in Germany.

Bilberry Extract

Anthocyanosides group can hold a lock on the monitor screen retina wall, reduces cells degeneration to be able to see better in darkness, reduces eyes stagnant, protect lens and strengthen the capillary.

Mulberry Fruit Extract

Mulberry fruit extract is rich with Anthocyanin and Vitamin A which helps to improve eyes sight and prevent cataract.

Consuming Dosage: 1 capsule per time, 1-2 times per day will protect and maintain eyes nerve cells, lens from damaged of oxidation and UV ray, reduces the risk of eyes chronic including eyes nerve degeneration from age related (Age-related macular degeneration, AMD) and cataract.


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