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Cold-Pressed Grape Seed Oil Plus Cold-Pressed Perilla Oil

Dietary Supplement Product for brain & nerves, good remember, more healthy from inside.

“Support your heart and brain”

Good brain, Good remember, Good health from inside.

Dietary Food Supplement, Cold Pressed Grape Seed Oil Plus Cold-Pressed Perilla Oil Capsule by CAL

Active Ingredient in 1 capsule contains with intense Cold-Pressed Prape Seed Oil 350 mg and Cold-Pressed Perilla Oil 150 mg, Hard Shell Capsule 

Net WT 500 mg (30 capsules, PVC blister 10's)
FDA no. 10-1-02639-1-0178

New alternative for health and brain care with latest innovation of Cold-Pressed Technique to increase benefits in Grape Seed Oil with Perilla Oil which are renowned as “Omega of the mountain”. With the great property that has high unsaturated fat, omega 3, 6 more than deep sea fish oil, help reduce cholesterol, protect heart disease, vein clogged, strengthen heart system. It also has linoleic fatty acid to make hairs black, smooth skin and more vitamin B that is good for nervous system, sleep well, fresh body. Moreover, it also has a compound to maintain nerve, protect brain degeneration, increase remembrances and concentration. Vitamin E and Lecithin are antioxidant to protect cancers and slow down the aging.
The benefits in Cold-Pressed Grape Seed Oil Plus Cold-Pressed Perilla Oil 
  • Omega 3 in Perilla Oil support brain cell and develop the remembering and studies
  • Protect heart disease, strengthen the vein
  • Reduce Cholesterol and high blood pressure
  • Reduce allergy, protect histamine, reduce asthma
  • Linoleic fatty acid makes hairs black

Comsuming Dosage: 1 capsule per day

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