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Cold-Pressed Perilla Oil

Dietary Supplement Product for the Omega 3 and Omega 6 Essential fatty acid which our body can not make, we must take through food supplement and conventional food.

Cold-Pressed Perilla Oil
Dietary Supplement Product, contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 Essential fatty acid which our body can not make. Must have Through food supplement and food.

Try a new alternative to enhance heart & brain function and promote body growth. Try Perilla Oil supplement; Get “Omega 3 from the mountains” made with Cold-Pressed Perilla Oil.

Cold-Pressed Perilla Oil Capsule Dietary Supplement Product by Cal
Active ingredients:  1 capsule contains Omega 3 (47.52%) and Omega 6 (25.36%)

Weight 500 mg. Box of 30 capsule (PVC Blister 10 's)
FDA no. 10-1-13056-1-0031

New alternative for high efficiency for heart and brain function, the latest innovation by CAL. Cold-Pressed Perilla Oil, was named as “Omega from the mountain”, from the North of Thailand.

Perilla Oil capsule from true Cold-Pressed process. This helps retain excellent properties, which has a higher potency omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids than the oil from marine fish such several times. The Omaga -3 fatty acids are important structure in the coronary, brain and retina. The Omaga 3 Fatty acids are one of the essential fatty acids that the body cannot stand alone, only to get from eating. This feature helps to reduce cholesterol, prevents coronary heart disease improves heart’s health, decreases blood clotting. Fatty acids linoleic make black hair, hydrate skin. While also nourishing the nerves, prevent dementia, improves memory and concentration.

Benefit of Cold-Pressed Perilla Oil Capsule

Cardio-Vascular Benefits :
Inhibiting the adhesion of platelets, improve the circulation. The increasing of Omega-3 levels in their blood which may lead to prevention of coronary heart disease and decrease blood clotting. (Lewis 2008; Cader 2004; Schacky ad Dyerberg 2001)
Brain Health Benefits :
Omega-3 and Omega-6 improved Children with learning and behavioral problems (Green et al 2007) Omega-3 exerts neuroprotective action in Parkinson’s disease, exhibit a protective effect, much like it did for Alzheimer’s disease as well
Helps Strengthen Capillarles, not Brittle or Fragile :
Rosemarimic Acid, luteolin, Quercetin etc. Inhibit free radicals which  can destroy blood vessel walls Relieve varicose veins, or aneurysms in legs calf, hemorrhoids, heart, brain
Anti-Allergic Benefits :
Perilla seed oil suppressed a wide range of allergic mediatiors which is to be effective in reducing allergic hypersensitivity in humans, benefits in terms of lung function, maybe useful for the treatment of asthma and also for seasonal allergies
Consuming Dosage: 1 capsule per day
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