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Garlic Oil Dietary Supplement Product

It can protect cancer, reduces cholesterol and prevents coronary thrombosis.

Garlic Oil has a power of biologic in antioxidant, antifungal. It can protect cancer; reduce cholesterol and severity of atherosclerosis.
Food Supplement, Garlic Oil Capsule by CAL
Main Ingredient in 1 capsule contains garlic oil 1mg (from fresh garlic 1.5g)
Net WT 500mg (30 capsules)
FDA No. 10-1-13056-10043
Food Supplement, Garlic Oil Capsule by CAL extracted from intense garlic by steaming process that has organo sulphur compounds with more stable than alicin. The research and development of this product is acknowledged by Prestige Prof. Dr. Maitee Sutthajit, Dean of Physical Science from Payao University and Community Enterprise at Sankong, Dogkamtai, Payao.
The benefits from garlic oil steamed for health are:
Heart balancing :
Reduce the security of atherosclorosis, reduce high blood pressure and risks of heart failure or loss blood brain until become paralysis
Relieve flu, allergy, and support immunity :
strengthen the immunity by motivating the body to create white blood cell such as Macrophages and T-lymphocyte increased when the body has more white blood cells, will effect in reducing allergy
Protect the cancer of Nitrosamine in body :
derived from eating preserved meat such as Chinese sausage, fermented pork
Convenient for :
the person who has some problems of high blood fat, cholesterol, pressure, heart disease, diabetes and problems of chronic acne inflamation
Currently “Garlic Oil” produced in the form of capsules is becoming more popular in Europe and America because it is convenient to eat, appropriate size is 2-5mg of garlic oil eating per day to reduce blood fat level and strengthen the immunity in body.
CAL Garlic Oil capsule food Supplement founded by CAL Intertrade collaborated with Faculty of Physical Science, Payao University and Community Enterprise of biology fertilizer at Sankong Payao.
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