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Distribute and export rice production

Export the varieties of Thai rice quality production such as Hom Mali rice, white rice, glutinous rice, brown rice, and specialty mixed rice

Thailand Rice

Various kind of rice and pack from 100 gms to 1000 kgs bulk with house and private brand


Food product for vacation, simple, and have benefits

The leader of innovations and new productions   Standard in the level of international production   One-Stop Service
Both food supplement from physicians and professional make our product have qualities and different from general market   With the quality and updated technology which have the standard production and confident   Service our customer from processing, details, recommendation, FDA registration, along with checking the quality before sending the product
Factory manufactures and import raw material directly   High quality of raw material from the foreign countries   Including the impressive service
Quality control of production and calculate the production rate, and service rate in reasonable price   Selected the material with the quality from overseas for the best production and quality for customers   We can ensure that our customers will receive the best service
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