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Dietary Food Supplement

CAL Brand: Manufacturing the products innovation and high quality of the supplement products from varieties sources of natural extracts & Herbal ingredients, operated by our professional team with complied GMP, HACCP.

Cold-Pressed Grape Seed Oil

Dietary Supplement Product to clean and strengthen the blood vessels, adjust the body balance, prolong collagen, protect wrinkle.

Cold-Pressed Grape Seed Oil Plus Cold-Pressed Perilla Oil

Dietary Supplement Product for brain & nerves, good remember, more healthy from inside.

Cold-Pressed Perilla Oil

Dietary Supplement Product for the Omega 3 and Omega 6 Essential fatty acid which our body can not make, we must take through food supplement and conventional food.

Garlic Oil Dietary Supplement Product

It can protect cancer, reduces cholesterol and prevents coronary thrombosis.

Cordyceps Powder Plus Ginseng Extract Dietary Supplement Product

Standard quality production of CAL which is an imported healthy product benefits for both men and women.

LEBER Dietary Supplement Product (CAL Brand)

Dietary Supplement Product for good liver care, helps to detox liver for rinsing liver and body toxin, revive liver cells.

KUNTA Capsule, Dietary Supplement Product

Dietary Food Supplement Capsule for good eyes care, increase the effectiveness of eyes, protect the lens and nerves with super-antioxidation from OPC of natural grape seed extract from VITIS-VITAL, Germany.

VITIS PLUS, Dietary Supplement Product

Vitis Plus Capsule, the food supplement combination with multi-vitamins and minerals related to the antioxidant of grape seed oil (VITIS-VITAL,Germany), Beta-Carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, product by CAL.

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